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Research: physically based renderer for simulation of modern imaging

The focus of the project is expanding an existing physicallly-accurate(Mitsuba) to simulate various modern types of cameras, for example, cameras that can see around corners or through tissue and cameras that can optically separate unscattered from scattered light.

Scotty 3D

Scotty3D is a graphics software implements interactive mesh editing, realistic path tracing, and dynamic animation.

Fire Simulation

This project aims to render fire in real-time by solving Navier Stoke equations. We first implemented particle state simulation and rendering on CPU using Processing and Java, then we switched to using Direct3D to run both simulation and rendering on GPU via compute shaders.

Deformable Object Contact Simulation With Strain Limiting

The project is aimed at designing and implementing a computationally efficient approach to simulate deformable objects’ contact. Specifically, the results should demonstrate realistic deformation of finger tip model against solid platform and experiment with multiple soft fingers’ simultaneous contact with a single object.


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