Scotty 3D

What is Scotty3D

Scotty3D is a graphics software implements interactive mesh editing, realistic path tracing, and dynamic animation. It is a course project implemented for 15462 computer graphics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mesh Editing

When in MeshEdit mode, Scotty3D provides a polygon-based 3D modeler with basic subdivision capabilities. In my implementation it supports local mesh operations such as face bevel, edge split, edge flip and erase vertex and global mesh operations: triangulation, linear subdivision, Catmull-Clark Subdivison and loop Subdivsion.

Local mesh operations

face bevel
split edge
edge flip
erase vertex

Global mesh operations

Linear Subdivision
Catmull Clark Subdivision
Loop subdivision

Realistic Rendering with Path Tracing

Constructed mesh
Rendered Image

Experimenting with Different Materials

Glass(cat-like creatue) and Mirror(ball) with environment map
Metallic Material
Subscattering Material
Another Metallic Material


Interpolation with Spline
Wave Simulation
Forward Kinematics
Inverse Kinematics